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Midtårsoppholdet region 1!

Tick-Tock Tick-Tock
Surprise, time flies!

I realize that I haven't written on this blog since september, and I realize that there is no excuse for it. I'm still writing on a post that was supposed to finished three months ago, and when I am done with this one (hopefully soon) I'll get on that at last :)

Anyway, this past weekend was filled with fun AFS people again! We went on a camp named "Midtårsoppholdet", roughly translated as midyear stay. Yes. You read it right. MIDYEAR. The middle of the year. More than half of my ten months in this gorgeous country have already gone past, and in less than five months, I'll see my Belgian home again. Of course, that's something you need to talk about with people, because it can mess with your head. But who understands the double sided feelings you have about this period of time better than the people who are living the "same" life and feeling the same feelings? You got it! NO ONE! So we went to this remote skicamp-location-thingy with all of our dearest AFS-friends and enjoyed ourselves, and talked about how strange it is that we would be gone so fast and that all of this will be over before we know it. :(

We talked and talked and talked and played games and sung and ate some food that is traditional for a hyttetur (a hyttetur is a trip to the cabin, in the mountains, to enjoy the beautiful nature. In summer you walk, in winter you ski :) ) The food was hot dogs on friday night, something that Norwegians seem to believe is typically Norwegian, but I beg to differ. However, when you eat the sausage with lompe instead of bread, I can't really deny the norwegian feeling you get.

Lompe pølse, feel the norwegian pride
Lomper are a sort of pancakes on a base of potatoes :)
We also ate a lot of bread. Norwegians really like their bread. They eat it with a lot of things, salami, cheese (yellow and brown ;) ), jam and even vegetables like carrots and cucumber which I find very enjoyable. Those veggies bring so much more to a simple slice of bread. :) 

On saturday, we went skiing. Now, as a lot of you readers mäy know, when I say "I went skiing" I mean I went cross-country skiing. Here in Norway you say "å gå på ski" which translates to: to go/walk on skies --> to go skiing. Just cleared that up to avoid further confusion, haha :)

Skiing was fun. We had the choice between a long tur, a short tur and just playing around on skies. I went for the short tur, because I still don't really feel very confident on those thin sticks. I'm happy I didn't go for the long one anyway, because the trip that was supposed to be around 8 km long, turned out to be 16 km, and I know for sure that I wouldn't have made that back alive. Kudo's to those who did, by the way. You guys are my heroes!

Here are some pictures of the snow and us in it!

My loyal friends. Holding me up in the snow!

AFS'ers arriving in Hamar, walking in the cold, while we sat in the bus :)

Erin laughing at the AFS'ers arriving from Oslo

First selfie of the trip!

But there are plenty...

... to follow!

That moment when people mess up your hair and manage
to make something out of it anyway. Thanks Claudia! :)

Just a friendly hump of snow taking a peek into our bedroom.

Well hello gorgeous view...
This? Oh this is just the view from our bedroom!

a snowy mountain, not that far away!

Roomies getting ready to go skiing!

Fancy as F*ck

'Oh no, I've actually never skied before...'

Ski-break! Time to put the ski's aside for a couple of minutes!

And then my iPod got stolen... 

But I got it back eventually!

It was so pretty :'(

Proof that I was actually on skies.

When told to wait for the others, ...

... you take obligatory selfies again!

"U hebt uw bestemming bereikt"
"You have reached your destination"
"Du er framme"
Best feeling ever!!

Jessica and I made it to the end! 

Apart from the skiing, we took a bunch of pictures and also played a game, which included playing musical chairs, two short quizzes and lots of creative assignments.

Thai people are AMAZING! 

Erin being rude to dead animals! 

My teams Pepperkakehus

The other teams pepperkakehus
Chilling with all of us foreigners :) 
Most exciting musical chairs-finale ever!

Old skies are pretty...

... Pretty gigantic! 

A beautiful Italian in an even more beautiful Marius-genser! 


Face of guilt...

White girl becomes one of the Latinas!  

A bad picture of Pepe
Jessica looking fab as hell

International girls

This is what happens when I want to take a cool picture, and you mess it up

That's better :)
"ski storage"

I feel like all of these arrows point to cold places

Even in the coldest of places, the norwegian flag can be found

marking our territory

snow as far as the eye can see

Making pretty faces with Time

 And after all of those crazy fun times, sadly, the camp was over too soon! Only two days did we enjoy each others company, not nearly long enough! But we'll see each other before we know it!

I love you guys so much! REGION ONE FOR EVER!
Ha det!
hugs and kisses from the only belgian around here!

P.S. Fernando is very muscular ;)

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