maandag 8 september 2014

Leaving one life behind and starting another!

Hi everyone!

Today, after some encouragement, (thank you, Celine ;) ) I've decided to actually begin writing my blog. It's been two weeks and three days since I stepped on the plane, and I have to say that those two weeks and three days have been pretty amazing. I'll try to tell you a little bit about what I've been up to, and how I've been feeling. Ok, here we go!
So first of all, the goodbye... Of course I cried, quite a lot, when I said goodbye to my parents, my siblings and my three wonderful best friends who came to the airport to cry with me! :D But once I left them behind and walked through the gate with Polte and Jolan (the other, pretty damn awesome Belgians who joined me on my adventure!) I got myself together and got freakishly excited instead, haha!
So we arrived at Oslo Gardermoen pretty quickly, after a flight of only 1.55 hours, got our luggage after about a minute and then walked into the arrival hall were a warm AFS welcome was waiting for us! Hooray! AFS! It turned out that we were the first of our bus to arrive, so we had to wait for several other countries to arrive, that took us about 2 hours, I guess. We got food and drinks though, and sang 'Schipper mag ik over varen?' with one of the volunteers who - for some odd reason - knew the song. When we finally got on the bus I was so curious about the Norwegian scenery, while Jolan -sitting next to me - was busying himself with selfies and snapchat since we had WiFi on the bus. Some things never change, I guess. ^^

We arrived at the Quality Hotel, a little outside of Oslo, where we checked in, put our stuff in our rooms and had some dinner. I was under the impression that people would have waited for us - the last bus - to eat, but obviously, I was wrong. It was just us, the latecomers, that were having dinner together. I was talking to the hungarian girls until my favorite Canadian EVER entered the room! After months of talking on Facebook, we finally met, and it was awesome!  We hung out a little bit, went to the short speech of one of the volunteers about the general rules and then went to bed after the most exhausting day of doing really nothing.

Okay, that's day one for you. I feel like I might have to try writing less detailed stories in the future, because I will never catch up if I write a novel each day :) Some pictures are on their way!

Ha det bra!
Jori Van Goethem - Bjørlo Nygård

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